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Productivity and Joy for Artists and Writers
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Make time for the work that matters.

Art and writing can be the most fulfilling part of our lives. But it’s often difficult to make space for it in our day-to-day existence. With all the clutter overwhelming your scattered brain (not to mention your desk), it’s all too easy to fall into procrastination and disarray.

From Chaos to Creativity is a series of glowing beacons. Jessie L. Kwak has written a Getting Things Done for artists and writers, drawing on her experience as a professional copywriter with a novel-writing habit, and from interviews with other authors, artists, musicians, and designers, to teach you how to focus on the good ideas, manage your project, make time in your life, and execute your passions to completion.

Make great art by channeling your chaotic creative force into productive power and let the world see what you’re capable of!

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So you want to write a book?

Half the battle is finding a practice that works for you. Successful author and creativity expert Jessie Kwak is here to help you do just that—and have fun doing it. In her view, every part of the process is important: idea generation, development, research, planning, drafting, revising, and publication and are all covered here in friendly, accessible detail.

As in her previous book, From Chaos to Creativity, Kwak helps you set up a system that makes the most of your creative ideas and helps them find their best form—and their audience. Fiction and nonfiction writers alike can use this book as a muse, a checklist, and a resource for getting your ideas out of your head and into the world.

With a foreword by Charlie Gilkey, author of Start Finishing.

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Reading at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR

In Conversation with editor Lydia Rogue — on creativity and productivity during quarantine


What people are saying

From Chaos to Creativity makes a big promise, but as with all great ideas its simplicity makes this one sticky. The four steps are simple. Anyone can do them, and you’ll never forget them once you start, but Jessie has outsmarted other productivity systems by making a Creativity System that works with your unique brain. We’re artists, and we’re messy. That’s great. We can revel in our lunacy, but it really helps to have someone like Jessie to help us move our chaos into creativity.

Sean Platt

storyteller and founder of Sterling & Stone

In Chaos to Creativity, Jessie Kwak shows how we can all set up our lives so we actually accomplish our creative goals. I love that this book doesn’t have one set system that’s supposed to work for everybody, but is instead a guide to help all sorts of people figure out how to be productive. Do you have an hour on the weekend to work on your craft? Do it full time from home? Have a studio? This is a great book for helping you get yourself together and on track by setting up a creativity system that you can use even if you don’t feel super motivated, and even if you don’t have a ton of time.

Andrea Rangel

knitting pattern designer

Writers make stuff up for a living, and it’s no secret we make up a lot of excuses for why things can’t get done. Kwak’s guide [From Chaos to Creativity], is a panacea for panic, and it’s the next best thing to having her come to your house and finish your project for you.

Mark Teppo

Author of Jumpstart Your Novel

This book gets me. From Chaos to Creativity is not a one-system-to-rule-them-all book but a collection of ideas, tips, tricks, and examples that help you decide how to organize your system. It's a dense book written in an easy style with enough humor to let you know you're not the only one having these problems. Recommended for anyone who has a non-traditional job, freelance artists, or is interested in creating a customized productivity system.

Wade B. Peterson


Jessie L. Kwak knows all writers are striving to tell their truth and her new book was written with your truth in mind. This book—should I say writing companion—is a great gift to any writer. What I loved about [From Big Idea to Book] is it felt like a living text, fluid and flexible, something that was explicitly designed to meet any writer where they are and to empower them. The voice is whip smart, friendly, inspiring, and wise. Writing is a journey and this book is the compass that will help you find your truth.

Gabe Hudson

author of Dear Mr. President


About Jessie Kwak

Jessie Kwak is a freelance writer and author living in Portland, Oregon. She writes character-driven sci-fi and fantasy with a liberal dose of explosions, gunfights, crime, and dinner parties — and she likes to make her readers laugh. She is the author of multiple sci-fi adventure series, and the productivity guides From Chaos to Creativity and From Big Idea to Book.

When she’s not writing B2B marketing copy or scribbling away on her latest novel, you can find her riding her bike to the brewpub, road tripping with her husband, or juggling various sewing projects.

Website: www.jessiekwak.com

Twitter: @jkwak

Instagram: kwakjessie


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